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BEAUTY/ My evening routine

Hi guys,

I hope you are doing fine because… it’s New Year!

Happy New Year !

I wanted to write someting about my evening routine because on days like these, after a party, I don’t always take  good care of my skin. I have a very sensitive skin so I have to use special products. An important lesson is to take your make-up off before you go to sleep.

I have the opportunity to write about Demake’Up. I got several make-up removal products such as cotton pads, make-up removal wipes and eye make-up removal wipes.

I’m very happy with their products because the’re made for sensitive skins such as mine. The cotton pads remove your make-up in 123…

Make sure to check them out : Demake’Up FR




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FASHION/My Moschino

Hi guys, Guess what? It’s almost christmas, the most wonderful period of the year! I’m still searching for the perfect dress but… I already found the perfect bag! I had the opportunity to choose a bag from ‘ Duifhuizen Tassen en Koffers’ and I…


MY LIFE / Friendsgiving dinner with Sacha

Hi guys, it’s been a while, I’m very busy with school and the upcoming exams, but I still think that some quality time with my good friends is neccesairy during these stressful times. Sacha gave me and my best friends the opportunity to enjoy…


EVENTS / Weekday consumer event

On Friday 1 december 2017 Weekday organises a consumer event from 5 pm ‘till 7 pm. Dj’s, cocktails & shopping at a 20% discount on all tops. Kammenstraat 36-38, 2000 Antwerpen See you there xxx…


LIFESTYLE / Collishop Christmas dinner

On 21 november Collishop invited me to a Christmas theme evening to prepare myself for Christmas. We started the night with a Gingmanbread workshop. We had the opportunity to decorate the delicious homemade cookies from Philip’s Biscuits. Mine were ugly as fuck haha, so…


DISCOVER THE WORLD / A night in Brussels

Saturday my brother had to perform at the Ancienne Belgique club for a project called Brussels Tuub. My brothers girlfriend Natacha and I went a little earlier to Brussels to wander around in the beautiful city while Don Philips captured some moments. Secretly I’m…


INSPIRATION / Ode to curves part 2

    Prima Donna is and will always be my favorite lingerie brand. They promote body positivity in a way that no other Belgian lingerie brand does. Here you have a few pictures of a 15 minutes shoot I did with Gilles Claes. More…


INSPIRATION/ Follow your dreams

Hi sweeties, Do you have the dream to become a real business women? Today I’m writing a blogpost that’s different than my other posts. I wanted to share the story of Elske Doets and what she does because I felt really inspired by this…


FASHION / Like it – Twin it – Share it

Happiness is so much better when you share it with a loved one. That’s why the hashtag #twinningiswinning a very popular one is on Instagram, but why? When you’re twinning (twin dressing) with your best friend, mother, sister, etc. you feel like one and…



Hi sweeties, I got nominated for the Hunkemoller blogger awards & I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I got selected for the category ‘nightwear‘. And who says that you can only wear nightwear inside? When Hunkemoller asked me to create an original blogpost about…



Hi sweeties, Bobbi Brown recently launched their new lipstick: the crushed lip color; the most wearable lip of Bobbi Brown yet. The product looks like a real lipstick, but has the feeling of a lip balm. Because of that, this lip is so easy…