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As you can see, I myself am a not that skinny woman with good curves and I freakin’ adore them. Why should we, women, be ashamed to show what our momma’s gave us? I think we should embrace our curves and show the world that pretty girls are not only skinny girls.

Prima Donna has been a famous brand for a very long time in the lingerie industry. They are well known for being the master in worshipping the women’s curves.  With their ‘shocking’ campaigns Prima Donna shows the world what real curves are. They support women with a larger cup and make sure they look incredibly sexy and they feel super confident

Finding good lingerie is really hard for a person with a large cup, believe me. Most of the time the bras aren’t comfortable and they just hurt. It’s like the brand just don’t care if you feel good in it or not.

For the summer 2017 collection Prima Donna designed two longline bras, which create a slightly lower waistline than usual. This gives you a very feminine and seductive look.

They first one is the Dolce Vita. Put some sexiness, Italian flair, lipstick and flowers in a pot, mix it all together and there you have the Dolce Vita.

They second one is the Show time, a series made for the sexy sport women out there.
You want to wear something comfortable, but still want to look irresistible. Then Show Time is just the perfect series for you. They combine a meshed fabric with a sexy design and it looks just gorgeous.

Prima2 Prima4



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