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    OUTFIT/ Elise store

    Hi sweeties, It has been a long time since I wrote a blogpost due to exams and a busy after exam-period, but now I’m back and better than before. Matti and I decide to…

  • Matti3

    Welcome to Chinatown

    People that know me well, know that I have absolutely no idols at all. I don’t think you should look up to someone’s life or be jealous. You should get up, start working &…

  • Prima2

    LIFESTYLE / Ode to curves

    As you can see, I myself am a not that skinny woman with good curves and I freakin’ adore them. Why should we, women, be ashamed to show what our momma’s gave us? I…

  • DSC_0060

    A LEE kinda girl

    Hi guys, Today I’m back with news about my latest collaboration. This collab was with Lee. I was so excited about this one because I’m a huge fan from Lee. They have every piece…

  • _MG_6427

    BTS / Video of our first editorial

    Next to our little ‘editorial 001 // Tinnie Tempah’ we want to give a little sneak behind the scenes. This day was such a blast that we couldn’t leave it at just pictures. Gilles…

  • Tache_De_Beauté-20

    OUTFIT/ The 2017 princess look

    Hi guys, This is going to be my last outfitpost of Paris. I feel a bit sad because when this post is written, the Paris vibe is over .. But I don’t have to…

  • Marthe_Matti-255

    OUTFIT / la Parisienne

    OH PARIS… The city of lights, love but especially fashion. While walking around in this outfit in Paris, I felt like a real Parisienne, especially with this hat. We planned a shoot with Gilles Claes…