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Hey sweeties,

Today I’m going to tell you something more about my awesome collaboration with Clinique ! I had the opportunity to test their new make-up removers. I  love it when I can take my make-up off after a busy and exhausting day.  I tested their new ‘Take The Day off’-products and I am very excited about them ! I have a sensitive skin and these make-up removers are perfect for my skin type. I always remove my make-up before going to bed, because this is very important for a healthy and smooth skin.

Let’s take a look at the products. The package is really pretty. I love the color, but the most important thing is that it works perfectly. The cleansing balm was the first one I tested and the texture is amazing.The balm has a solid texture and smells so good  when you apply it. After massaging your face you simply have to wash it off and your face will feel so soft.

The next product of this cute removing duo is the make-up remover. It really wipes off your make-up  in one swoop and leaves your skin feeling clean and pure. The texture is liquid and oily, but it doesn’t make your face feel sticky because it doesn’t contain any alcohol. You will never feel irritation if you  use these products because as I have already said, they are made for the sensitive skin.

So remember girls (& boys) removing your make-up and washing your face before going to bed is realy imporant and with these products you can really – take the day off -.

I want to end this blogpost with a little rhyme I made :
‘Refresh button for your face ‘

Happy, sad, so in love or blue.
All these feelings so true.
Whipping their trace of your face and you can start a new day!







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