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Hey guys.

So, this is the first time I’m writing you about a fashion shoot, where I was the ‘model’ myself. I have to be honest, I was very excited that day, because normally, it’s me behind the camera.

But actually, I really enjoyed it. With Sam Bynens as a photographer, things couldn’t go wrong.

Wednesday October 30th, I went to Aspasia Women Halle to pick up the 3 outfits they were so kind to borrow me for the shoot the day after. I choose one girly, one classy and one cool outfit.

Sweet sweet girl

The first one, the girly one, is an all Julia June outfit.
While walking through Aspasia Women Halle, this printed legging really catched my eye.

With this bombastic long coat in a light pink color it was a perfect combination because it was the exact same color as in the print of the legging.

To keep it simple, a casual black shirt was a useful item.

My classy (already seen on the blog, from Buffalo) shoes made this chic, girly & classy outfit complete.

EA8A3795 EA8A3840 copy

Stay classy

My personal favorite is this outfit. (that’s why I also bought it for myself, hihi).

Also this one is an all Julia June outfit.

I love the playing with the layers, but in a way it doesn’t look bombastic. Also the color combination of dark blue and dark red / purple is something that gives me a high- school feeling.

When you combine it with a pair of white trainers (Stan Smith by Adidas) the sporty touch is there in no time.

It was one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever wore. Perfect for a day out, to go shopping or to go an a citytrip. Maybe even to go on a date 😉

EA8A3901 EA8A3933

Rock chic

Last but not least. The ‘rock chic’ outfit.
The whole outfit is based on the shiny leather jacket of Brigitte Bardot. I didn’t want to go for that classy look anymore, so a rock chic / biker outfit would be appropriate.

Underneath the jacket you can see a grafic tee of Pepe Jeans with a grey-black Union printed on it.
Above that you notice a ‘black-red-white’ shirt of Brigitte Bardot.

The biker pants of Karl Lagerfeld gave the ultimate touch to it.

It’s a very simple outfit. But less is more I guess ?

EA8A4037 EA8A4058

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