BAR – brow wax gallery

On 9 november I was invited to go to an event of BAR (brow wax gallery), this is a new brow bar in A-town. They organized a beauty date with approximately 12 bloggers, vloggers and influencers.
When we arrived, we received a nice glass a Champagne and everybody was super warm-hearted.

First I went to the hairstylist Jeanine Kubiak of Changes. Jeanine showed us some hair trends for this season and some nice styles to use for Christmas. This seasons all styles of braids are back in style. She gave me some Kim K-boxer braids.
After Jeanine treated me so well, I went to the pain table to get my brows done by Naomi. If you also want a pair of WOW BROWS I would recommend you to pay a visit to BAR. It’s hurts (a bit), but it’s definitely worth it.
And last but not least Veronique from Chabelle pampered us with a totally new make-up look. She gave me some extreme smokey eyes and a basic light pink lipgloss.

Sorry for the super bad quality of the video, but oops I secretly forgot my camera at home….

XO Matti

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