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MY LIFE / Friendsgiving dinner with Sacha

Hi guys,

it’s been a while, I’m very busy with school and the upcoming exams, but I still think that some quality time with my good friends is neccesairy during these stressful times.

Sacha gave me and my best friends the opportunity to enjoy a lovely self-cooked dinner at my appartment. We started our dinner with some delicious appetizers. Of course we ate turkey as a main course, because duhu it was thanksgiving and Kasper made some amazing cinnamon buns as dessert. It was a lovely evening and we had a wonderful time together.

During this dinner I got the chance to surprise my best friend and thank everything she has done for me. I gave her a pair of ankle boots from Sacha of course and she was so happy. I got the same boots, so now we’re matchy matchy.  These boots are the perfect for the holiday season and to wear on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

I styled my boots with a boyfriend jeans and a lovely turtle neck from Essentiel, very casual but still a little touch of chic. Axelle chose to wear her boots a bit classier, but still casual.

Shop these boots –>×5568.html

XOXO Matti

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EVENTS / Weekday consumer event

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LIFESTYLE / Collishop Christmas dinner

On 21 november Collishop invited me to a Christmas theme evening to prepare myself for Christmas. We started the night with a Gingmanbread workshop. We had the opportunity to decorate the delicious homemade cookies from Philip’s Biscuits. Mine were ugly as fuck haha, so…



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Hello my fellow students The new school year is almost starting again and to be honest I’m super excited. Last year I studied communication science at the University of Antwerp, but I was really unhappy and felt like I was not in the right…


LIFESTYLE / Ode to curves

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#CharityChai by Fittea

We should think about the ones in need everyday, but just a bit more during the holidays. My favorite tea brand added a new tea for the holidays to their assortment, the new #CharityChaiTea with a tasty cinnamon aroma.  For every unit of…


Fittea, the tea for a better and healthier you

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