To be a Libertine

Pete fucking Doherty and the Puta Madres, yes mate. Waiting for Pete is always a tricky one, ‘Is he coming?’, ‘Will he be on time?’, ‘Will he fuck it up being too drunk?’. For Britpop noobs, Doherty is an Englishman who first studied literature but ended up as one of the most speculated artist in the British scène. Pete is known for his beyond magical lyrics and rubbish lifestyle. In the late 90’s Pete his sister AmyJo introduced him to Carl Barat in London where they dediced to live together in an appartment. This appartment was the victim of ‘guerilla concerts’ where they invited everyone they could invite and just played tons of songs. Click here for guerilla footage.

So the Libertines were born and released their debut ‘Up The Bracket’ in 2002. They splitted due to drug problems. After a difficult period Pete decided to start the band Babyshamples with Patrick Walden who released their debut album ‘Down In Albion’ in 2005 produced by Mick Jones (The Clash). 12 years later and 2 solo albums richer (Grace/Wastelands, Hamburg Demonstrations) we are waiting for Pete on the doorsteps of Cirque Royal (Brussels)

Doherty is highly praised by the youth in England for being a real artist living his own romantic life dealing with drug addiction and heavy love. You can admire his legendary Glastonbury ‘09 show here

Well, tonight was a rollercoaster.

Pete took his guitar around 7 PM during the soundcheck and played a couple of songs with the band for at that moment circa 100 fans. He looked spaced but in a kind of decent way. After 20 minutes of pureness and joy they went off stage and a wild AmyJo appeared; a cute princess or a mad rebel, it’s up to you. AmyJo and The Spranglers are one of the last of the English roses, just having fun. Thumbs up to the guitar player who kept it together and a very enthousiastic Amy Jo who took care of an excellent warm up for Pete and his puta madres. Highlights of their set were ‘Shake It’ and ‘I love you’ dedicated to Hendrik Van Dale, a real Libertine, who died a couple weeks ago in a tragic accident. Click here for AmyJo & The Spangles their music.

Puta Madre, what a show

Before Pete and the band showed up, Jack Jones (Pete’s new lead guitarist) recited the poem To Be a Libertine’ dedicated to Hendrik. You could hear a pin drop, magical.

Pete and the boys showed up and started with a highly praised song of the new album (Hamburg Demonstrations), ‘I don’t love anyone’. Ready set go mates, the night went on and we shaked, a hell of a lot. His show consisted of a balanced set with a lot of his early classics, songs from the Libertines, Babyshamples and the new album. Highlights of the set were ‘Last of the English Roses’, ‘I don’t love anyone’, ‘Killamangiro’ and ‘Fuck Forever’. This night wasn’t only about the music, it was about sharing their message, sharing what it is to be a Libertine. As it was Pete his bday, a big part of his family was there. AmyJo showed some love doing his support, his parents were present in the back (his dad sang a Libertines song with Pete on stage) and last but not least the fans who are more than just fans freaked out on every song. It was breathtaking to see his whole family on stage during the applause. Bravo Pete, hang in there matey!

Written by Tom Verbeeck

Pictures by Tom Verbeeck

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