Fringes are the new studs.

The trend of S/S15 : Fringe things.

Since I posted this picture on Instagram, everybody has been asking me questions and giving me compliments about this jacket. It’s a fringe leather jacket from Asos. I originally ordered it for the autumn season, but because of the ‘not-so-good-‘ weather in Belgium, I already had the opportunity to wear it.

For me this is a total new look, I’m not used to wear this country-Lana Del Rey look, but I have to be honest that I really like it and probably gonna try more things like this. I think it’s important to try different styles and not just be happy with one, be creative 🙂

So yeah, I have to admit, I’m in love !

Kisses, Matti



Mats1 kopie


pictures by Camille Botten

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