Keep it fall…

I adore the fall season, not because of the weather, simply because of the fashion. Summer is too simple, you have a few dresses, shorts and shirts, you combine them with some accessories and bam you’re ready. Fall/winter is all about experimenting with colors and mixing & matching different pieces ; pants, shirts, jackets, sweaters, scarfs, boots,… I love it.

Soooo… this is my kick-off outfit for Fall 2016…

This outfit is all Essentiel. I guess I’m the biggest Essentiel-fan existing. No shame. Their clothes are new, refreshing, young and original. And let’s face the fact; nowadays it is hard to find some original clothes besides jeans, sweaters and ‘Stan Smiths.’

I started wearing these wide leg trousers and not only are they so comfy, they also look classy but also cool and sporty.

I would wear this outfit on a casual day, just to go to school or whatever. But I personally think that these pieces are easy to combine with other styles. Like you can wear this shirt very girly if you combine it with a cute skirt and some boots.

I’m also a fan of the new ‘faux fur sneakers’ trend. It’s more original than the basic sneaker and I’m personally a bit tired of the basic sneaker that literally everybody wears.

xoxo Matti

Pictures by my fellow blogger Dries Vriesacker

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29-09-4 26-09-3

26-09-9 26-09-6

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