OUTFIT/ The 2017 princess look

Hi guys,

This is going to be my last outfitpost of Paris. I feel a bit sad because when this post is written, the Paris vibe is over .. But I don’t have to be sad because a lot of new and awesome collabs our coming my way (and afterwards on the blog so also a bit your way..)

But now about this outfit. This outfit is my favorite outfitpost of Paris because of the mixed style I created. I got this amazingly pretty tulle from People’s avenue and as you may know from my other post (‘ tough princess’ ) I like to combine the princess look with something more nowadays. In the other post about tuttu’s I choose the badgirl look but this look is a mix between romantic and ‘hiphop-urban’.

This white tulle is midlenght and has a double layer so you have more volume. I will begin with the shoes. These one our my fluffly shoes that I already wore a lot and are from Vanessa Wu – Jerome Shop. They have 4 colours so they are a match made in heaven with every piece of clothes !

The sweater is from Cos and is in this pretty baby blue. I think it has almost the same colour as my eyes, which I like ! The blue hat makes the outfit complete in my opinion and the hat and the sweater have the same colour of blue.

We ( Matti and I ) choose to shoot this outfits in front of the Eifeltoren because it has so much charm and the pictures have the perfect Parisian vibe !

I hope you like the pics they are made by Gilles Claes.



Marthe_MattiTache_De_Beauté-20 Marthe_Matti-13 Marthe_Matti-23Marthe_Matti-138Marthe_Matti-218

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