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Hi sweeties,

today I’m back with pictures from my latest collab. This collaboration was wit Wear Leuven/fabrikantwerpen. I was really excited when they contacted me to shoot some pictures for their new collection.

Wearleuven is a multibrand shop in Leuven and their partner is Fabrik Antwerp and as the name says, in Antwerp. I like their style collection much because they have pieces for every style/person. They have cute dresses, faux fur jackets but also Levis jeanses and oversized sweaters.

When I enter the shop the first thing that catches my eye is their shoe collection. It feels like heaven for every women! You see high heals, sneakers in every colour, biker boots and loafers.

I had the opportunity to choose my outfits which I liked very much because I could choose outfits that match my own style. Underneath this blogpost you will see my two favourite pieces/outfits.

The first one is a pink oufit. The long pink coat is a real eyecatcher. The black dress has a flowerprint so the flowers match perfectly with the coat. To make the look extra classy , I added pretty heals.

My favourite item from Wear was definitey this oversized black fluffy jacket. I think this item will be so nice to have when it is really cold . The fabrik is nice to wear and I think everyone will cuddle you because you’ll look like a cute teddybear ;)!



IMG_9585IMG_9408 IMG_9533IMG_9581

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