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Today’s post is going to be about PAULETTE, one of my favorite stores. PAULETTE is a cute lifestyle store in Ternat. The store is located in my street, so for me that’s very easy. The only problem is to keep my shopping urges under control (we all know that’s never gonna happen). I love their clothes, because they have a lot of different brands and styles. That makes them a very versatile store. Basically everybody can find something, according to their taste in fashion. They have a wide variety of brands such as: Yaya knitwear, Alix, Diega, … But they also have their own brand called Margueritte. I like their brand, because you can describe the style as cool and classy at the same time.

They got a wide range of options: from ripped jeans to long skirts. My favorite items of Margueritte are their sweaters with awesome slogans such as : ‘Dream Believe Achieve’ and ‘ Les Belges sont là’. AND… while shopping at PAULETTE you can grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich in their coffeeshop ‘ Cibi e Vini ‘. I wanted to write a post about Paulette because I recently had a photoshoot with them. They asked me to shoot their new amazing shoe collection. I’ve worked for PAULETTE before, but it always stays an awesome and fun experience. Anne, the owner and founder of Paulette is a friend of mine, so that makes it even cooler.

I prefer to shoot inside, because I personally think that clothes have that extra special touch of attention when they are shot against a white wall. It really makes the colors pop and gives the clothes the chance to breath and really shine trough. The following photos are from my favorite outfits. I love the simple black outfits and hat. The print of the shoes give your outfit an absolute winning touch.

I hope you love the store and clothes as much as I do. Make sure to check their webshop : www. and Instagram : paulette_ternat.



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