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Hi guys,

It’s been a while since my last post but here I am with some awesome news about my recent collaboration!

I had the oppurtunity to work with Swatch. Swatch is a brand that every one knows. There is something special about their watches that make them different from other brands. You can find swatches in every colour and for every age. It’s Swiss made and you can wear it with almost everything. Back in 2013 Swatch made the announcement that they  would be producing and selling a new type of Swiss mechanical watch. It would be known as Swatch Sistem 51 a new type of watch with only 51 parts.

As you may guess, my collaboration was about the Swatch Sistem 51 Irony and I am totally in love with the watch.

I’m going to tell you something more about the mechanics and the idea of the watch.

One of the best things you can say about the Swatch Sistem 51 collection is that budget watch lovers can finally have a timepiece that is both inexpensive and fun! The movement from the Sistem 51 is produced from 51 parts  and has a long power reserve of 90 hours.  According to Swatch, there is just one screw in the movement. One of the most unique design elements (in addition to all the funky colors and designs) is the use of a transparent automatic rotor.

Every movement of the wrist sets the rotor in motion, winding the watch. Even when laid to rest for a while, it keeps going on for 90 hours.

I chose the ‘ sistem stalac ‘ because of it’s silver colour. You can wear it with everything!

I made some pictures and an awesome video with Hannah Wymeels, make sure to check her out ! The title of my blogpost is ‘switch swatch’  because in my video you can see that I’m really  stressed without my watch. The watch switches my emotions and stress into positive vibes. So there is a Switch because of Swatch. I hope you like the results of it!

I feel really honoured that I had the chance to work for Swatch and with Hannah!


marthe-2 marthe-5 marthe-21 marthe-23 marthe-33 marthe-35


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