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My 4 Christmas dresses

Hey there, Christmas is around the corner, 2 days left to go 😀

It’s the time of the year to visit your family, go to the Christmas fair, and of course give/ receive some lovely presents,…

But what are you going to wear on Christmas evening or day ?

I picked out 4 dresses for Christmas, but I still don’t know which one to wear, maybe you can help me out ?


1. Little black dress

We all know it and we all have one … the little black dress.

Mine is from Zara.  I bought it this summer, but never wore it before.

I think it’s quite a special dress, because of the transparent back. Except for that special touch,  the dress is pretty normal.


outfit1.1 outfit1.3



2. Love is Essentiel

This cute dress of Essentiel is my number one favorite, for sure.
The colors are really easy to combine and you can also wear it in any season.
I  bought it this summer, but still can wear it now.
Just put some panties underneath, combine it with a nice warm jacket and you are ready to go.

outfit2.6 outfit2.9

The dress has an A-line coupe and that’s what makes it as sweet and cute as it is.
It doesn’t need a lot of a jewelry to make it look better, maybe just a beautiful necklace and you’re done.
AND another asset … no painful feet, because this outfit doesn’t need heels !
I chose my black biker-boots from Twin-Set to combine with and I got to say, that I looove the result!
Can I call this a perfect Christmas outfit ?

outfit2.2 outfit2.12



3. Shine bright like a diamond

This dress may look like an oversized sweater, and it indeed feels like one,

but the advantage is that this dress from Urban Outfitters is VERY comfortable.

It has a real outspoken color, which is great to bring some color into your winter-wardrobe.

It has also glitters, woven into the fabric. This makes it an all-round dress for any (glamorous) event.

outfit3.1 outfit3.3




4. Velvet all the way

This dress from Zara is a very simple one. It needs accessories though, otherwise it looks a bit underdressed.

If you wear it, give your legs the chance to shine with nice panties. And combine it with fancy black or navy blue pumps.

Just like the dress from Urban Outfitters it has glitters woven into the fabric, so the dress is perfectly wearable for posh events.


outfit4.1   outfit4.2outfit4.3


Pictures by Robin Joris

Extra thank to Bran Oeyen