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Black with a touch of pink

Hi guys,

Saturday, March 26th,  the fashion show of Clouds of Fashion took place in the Waagnatie in Antwerp (more about that soon on the blog and my youtube channel).  For this occasion I wanted to dress up like a real lady, but of course with a cool ‘Matti-touch’

I’m a huge fan of the new trend of wide leg trousers. Not only are they so comfortable, they also look very classy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the trousers that make you look like an elephant.

Like I mentioned in my interview for Heart and Soul for Fashion (link), I don’t like the too oversized on too oversized look, that’s why I choose to wear these trousers with a simple black bodysuit.

An all black outfit is getting a bit boring & mainstream (especially since spring has started), so I combined the outfit with some pink touches. The coat is a real eye-catcher, so I think the outfit doesn’t need any more special or outstanding accessories. BUT I thought it would look great to have a little print, that’s why I went for these wedge heels of Essentiel.

And like almost everyday, I was wearing my hair in a huge half bun, even tough this hair trend is not a real trend this season, I  just like the nonchalant look of it.

The video of the fashion show will be published tuesday 29/03 evening on my youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe!

Much love,


Matti8 Matti1

Pants, coat, shoes from Essentiel

Bodysuit from H&M