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I want to introduce you guys to this new sweater brand ‘Vive les femmes’. Vive les femmes is a brand founded by Daphne Eeckman.

In 2016 Daphne discovered a little tumor in her breasts. After a lot of researches and stress they told her that there was no need to worry, because the little benign tumor was positive. She always stay positive and stayed true to her motto: ‘Positive vibes only’.

After this period of stress she realized she wanted to chase her dreams. With this collection, Daphne wants to support women who once were confronted with cancer. She also wants to put the women in the spotlight. Vive les femmes is a brand for women who know what they want, what they want to achieve and what they want to become.

You can buy these sweaters online on If you buy one sweater, you donate €5 to Think-Pink.

Show the world that you’re proud to be a woman, support many women who struggle with cancer everyday & join the ‘Vive les femmes’-community.

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