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People that know me well, know that I have absolutely no idols at all. I don’t think you should look up to someone’s life or be jealous. You should get up, start working & make sure to get your own dream life. BUT there is one person in the whole world (except for my parents) who I absolutely admire, her name is Negin Mirsalehi.

I’ve been following her since the first day I had Instagram and believe me that’s a loooong time ago. In her vlogs she always says that her favorite brand to work with is Revolve.

Revolve is an only webshop with high quality brands such as Anine Bing, L’Academie, Lovers + friends, Endless Rode, Free People, etc. (link to the website)

A few weeks ago, I was lying sick in bed. All of a sudden I was checking my e-mails and I received one from Revolve. I’m telling you, it was the first positive thing that happened that week and I literally cried. So I can honestly say that I’m very proud of this collaboration.

I wanted these pictures to be flawless, so I contacted Dena (photographer) because she’s amazing and Itza (mua) because she’s awesome.

We wanted to create an ‘urban trashy classy in Chinatown’-look and I guess we totally achieved that goal. This outfit is from the brand House of Harlow.

Shop the top (link)
Shop the pants (link)

XO Matti

Matti1 Matti2 Matti4  Matti6


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